At LESPWA International, our mission is to bring hope and healing to the people of Haiti, and throughout the world. We do this by ministering to the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of the people we encounter in all walks of life.

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LESPWA International serves the people of Haiti and worldwide in a number of ways:

Orphanage - We started out at a small orphanage in southern Haiti, where children who were living on the street have come to a place they can call home.  They now know they will have three meals a day, and all their needs are met.  They no longer have to fight for a piece of bread. We have now taken this concept to the northern region of Haiti with God-given results.


Education - We help local teachers in their classrooms and through seminars, teach English, sponsor children to attend school, hold women's education meetings and public health meetings, provide school supplies and more in an effort to educate Haitians for a better future.


Health Care - We go into local clinics and hospitals to provide services. We also set up medical and dental clinics in schools, rural areas, prisons, orphanages, churches, or sometimes just under a palm tree to meet physical needs. People walk for miles and spend hours waiting just for the hope of being seen and treated. When night falls in a land without electricity, we are deeply saddened by having to turn the rest away.


Rice Feedings - Local groups direct us to villages with dire nutritional needs. We deliver rice, beans and the love of Jesus.


Water Projects - We partner with Clean Water For Haiti by bringing supplies, monetary donations, and providing on-site assistance. We also partner with other well-drilling and clean water projects. Clean water is a major health issue in Haiti causing countless diseases and death.


Disaster Relief - In addition to all the work we do in Haiti, we also work with local and national relief organizations to provide help and services following major natural disasters on U.S. soil. We packed and delivered nearly 2 semi-truckloads of supplies to Joplin, Missouri and Alabama following the devastating tornados in Spring 2011. We supported volunteers doing recovery and repair following Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf coast. 


Evangelism is always a part of our efforts to help people find the hope of eternity.